First Time Buying a Drone? 7 Questions to Ask

your first time buying a drone

First Time Buying a Drone? 7 Questions to Ask

A drone can be described as an unpiloted aircraft or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Drones use their rotors, a propeller attached to a motor, to hover. Perhaps you already know how to fly a drone. If you don’t, that’s probably the first question to ask your first time buying a drone.

Generally, when pilots increase the speed of the rotors, an upward force greater than gravity is produced and the drone goes up. The drone descends when the pilot decreases the rotor’s speed. But that is just the beginning.

Here are seven questions to ask when its your first time buying a drone:

How much does a drone cost?

The cost of drones depends on their features. First-time pilots are advised to practice drones worth under KES.10,000. It does not matter what your long-term goals are. If it’s your first time buying a drone, I recommend everyone starts with a cheap drone as their first drone. You can graduate to beginner racing drones which go for about KES.25,000.

The next drones are entry-level camera drones and full racing drones which go for about KES.50,000. Then we have mid-tier consumer camera drones for just under KES.100,000. High-end consumer camera drones, professional camera drones, and commercial drones range between KES.180,000 and KES.200,000.

What do I need in order to fly a drone?

Commercial drones require a pilot to have a Remote Aircraft Operators Certificate (ROC) from the authority. The certificate is something to consider your first time buying a drone.

In order to apply for the certificate, you will need an identification document, a police clearance certificate, and a registration fee. The authority takes assiduity when reviewing requests for registration in conjunction with relevant government agencies.

Drone operators also need to register their drone with the authority and be issued with a certificate of registration. When flying the drone, attach the registration data to yourself more visibly like tagging it on your clothing.

What features do I need to look for in a drone?

  • Camera specs. You need to look at its camera specs. A 4K camera with gimbal image stabilization is highly recommended.
  • GPS. Drones also need integrated GPS which helps the machine know where they are in the world.
  • Battery life. Just like a smartphone, a drone battery dies. You need to buy a drone that can last long. This also reduces costs because you don’t need spare batteries.
  • Range. You need to know the drone’s range. It tells you how far from you the drone can remain functional without losing control.

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How long does a drone stay aloft?

Your drone can fly for longer or shorter periods depending on its battery life, load, and weather conditions. A high-quality drone can stay aloft for around 30 minutes.

Lower quality toy drones will register flight times of 5-15 minutes. So the average flight time of hobby drones is about 10 minutes. If your task requires long drone hours, you will need extra batteries.

What is the lifespan of a drone?

A drone’s lifespan is the length of time it remains in a perfect and healthy working condition. If it’s your first time buying a drone, you should invest in a good drone and take care of it.

A good drone lasts for at least two years or more. If you want a drone that is durable you will have to part with a higher amount of money since quality goes hand in hand with the price.

What can I use my drone for?

What type of drone do you have? There are several types of drones for specific purposes. But some can perform more than one task.

In our everyday lives, drones are used for filming and photography. It is perhaps the most immediate task you can assign your drone.

Use your drone to monitor damaged roofs and crop fields. It reduces the risk of being exposed to harmful pesticides and also increases accessibility to hard-to-reach areas.

What if my drone runs out of battery mid-air?

Professional GPS drones have a return-to-home functionality, which is automatically initiated when it flies out of range or when the battery is low. You don’t have to worry about losing it. It will trace its way back to the launch pad.

I prefer having a second or even a third battery so your activities are not brought to a standstill when the drone returns home. Read your drone’s manual to know if that feature is available. Otherwise, it will fall to the ground if it runs out of battery mid-flight.

As the buying of drones growing at a rapid pace I would advise you to get a drone. It can help you in growing your business,for example it has enhanced real estate photography and videography. It will also help farmers in fertilizing their farm products and it also gives your photography business an edge.

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What else did you consider when buying your first drone? Share with us in the comments below.

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